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Baglietto Service Point

Sur Yachts Europa will provide an array of comprehensive services, including maintenance, repairs, technical support, and concierge services exclusively for Baglietto yacht owners. This collaboration ensures that owners experience a seamless and top-tier level of service.

For Sur Yachts Europa, this partnership represents a strategic alignment of values, a commitment to client satisfaction, and an opportunity for growth.


Sur Yachts Europa is a leading provider of yacht services, specializing in maintenance, repairs, and technical support for luxury vessels. With a commitment to excellence and a team of professionals, Sur Yachts Europa has established itself as a trusted partner in the yachting industry.

Sur Yachts Europa CEO, Enrique Molina , stated, “We are honored to join forces with Baglietto Shipyard, an esteemed name in the luxury yacht sector. This partnership reflects our dedication to providing unparalleled services and mirrors Baglietto’s commitment to delivering superlative yachting experiences.”


By developing this strong relationship, we intend to leverage the collective strengths of Sur Yachts Europa to enhance the capabilities of our technical department. Encouraging an environment of collaboration, innovation and continuous improvement, to remain at the forefront of the industry, setting benchmarks for quality, reliability and innovation.


Sur Yachts Europa, recognized for its superlative standards in yacht services, brings its wealth of experience and technical expertise to enhance. By extending its services officially within the shipyard premises and across Spain, Sur Yachts Europa aims to uphold exceptional standards.


Sur Yachts Europa embody an unparalleled commitment to excellence through their constant dedication to exceptional service, meticulous attention to detail, consistent focus on customer satisfaction, highly skilled technology and the ongoing pursuit of perfection. These exceptional qualities collectively elevate their status in the maritime industry, ensuring a perfect blend of luxury, innovation and customer satisfaction.



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